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I am available most days for Massage at Cleanse, 13 Hamilton Place Edinburgh EH3 9EX. Ph 0131 332  2775, and for Hypnotherapy at The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, 25 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 5AP Phone me on 0131 221 9694.

I was on an advanced Weight Management workshop recently keeping up my CPD with the LCCH. It was a great learning experience for developing my skills. I have also been on an advanced workshop on Hypnotherapy for Depression which was excellent and has added to my skills.

Please look at this website to see if it is of interest to you. Remember it costs nothing to phone me to find out more. and you don't have to book sessions just because you have made contact. I look forward to hearing from you.

Iv'e just read new research proving sleep effects memory consolidation. When someone sleeps poorly they have increased Dopamine activity which causes poor memory construction leading to forgetfulness. When they sleep well, Dopamine activity is less, and it is this that can cause an increase in memory consolidation

It has been found that Mindfulness Practice can help reduce Smoking by strenghening the self control centre in the brain. A group of Smokers were taught Mindfulness. Weeks later they were surprised to find when tested that their nicotine levels had reduced significantly. It seems that Mindfulness had strenghened control without them realising it had happened.

New research has come out on Mindfulness reducing Pain, and the results seem to be very good. however more research is needed with chronic conditions. This could be great news for sufferers.however hypnosis can be very  effective in reducing pain.

Good news for IBS sufferers. New research shows that the beneficial effects of psychological therapies appears to last about 6-12 months after therapy is finished. Gastro intestinal symptoms increase stress and anxiety, which can increase the severity of IBS symptoms. Hypnotherapy can help reduce the effects of anxiety and stress helping symptoms of IBS. Some of these symptoms are abdominal pain,discomfort, bloating,diarrhea, and constipation.


Mindfulness and obesity. Recent research has revealed that Mindfulness encourages a rebalancing of the brain in obese children that can help children loose weight. As obese children function differently from children with a healthy weight Mindfulness has been shown to correct this by recalibrating the imbalance in the  brain connection associated with childhood obesity. It increases response inhibition and decreases impulsivity. Mindfulness has also been helpful in reducing how much people smoke. It is believed that Mindfulness activates the control centre in the brain and the smoker naturally smokes less or gives up.


Please look at my new blog post on Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance. More and more Sports people are looking at how by improving their mental attitude they can improve their physical abilites reguarding their sport.

I have recently been on a CPD workshop for Fears and Phobias. This was in Glasgow and run by Mike Bryant co author of Hypnotherapy for Dummies. It was an excellent workshop and I have now more skills to help me in these areas. CPD is essential to any therapists working with people. I look forward to the next one.

Please look at my latest blog post on Hypnotherapy and Stress Management. Stress and Anxiety are apart of everyones life. It is normal. But if it becomes long term then you may need some help. This blog explains what stress is and how it can be helped. To see this post just click on the blog

A lot of people are constantly looking for happiness. It seems to be a major goal in life and yet reports say there are more unhappy people than ever. I think you only look for happiness when you are unhappy . People are told to be happy as if there was a switch that could turn happiness on and off and are disappointed when they can't find it. Instead of looking for happiness (which you never find if your looking for it) I think practicing gratitude is more important. If we are grateful for what we have then happiness will become a bigger part of our lives. Imagine being truly grateful for everything we have. I believe developing gratitude and appreciation can change your world.

Sports and Therapeutic Massage can have many benefits. stress reduction and physical relaxation, creating flexibility in the body, reduction of aches and pains and soothing away tensions. It can prepare you for a sports event or help you recuperate afterwards. For those interested in mindfulness it can be used to become more aware of your body helping you to release tension from the inside.

One of my new blog posts is about cancer and hypnotherapy. Many people with life threatening conditions feel defeated and helpless. They can give up on life. Hypnotherapy in this area is about developing a positive mindset and making it easier to deal with some of the issues arround cancer. Stress and anxiety pain from cancer or surgery, exhaustion, and management of nausia and Diarrhoea. If we can encourage a person to face cancer and find better ways of dealing with it, they are more likely to have a better quality of life feeling healthier in mind and body

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James Stewart specialises in clinical hypnotherapy and is based in Edinburgh. For more information see the About Me page.

Hypnosis can be used to help many medical and psychological problems:

stopping smoking using hypnotherapy in Edinburghlosing weight with hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Stop SmokingWeight Control

sleeping better with hypnotherapy Edinburghimproving sports performance with hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Sleep Well Sports Performance

cure spider fear with hypnotherapy EdinburghCure anxiety with hypnotherapy Edinburgh

Phobias Anxieties & Panic Attacks

These are just a few of the symptoms that hypnosis can help with - for a fuller list see the hypnotherapy page.

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