Edinburgh Hypnotherapy & Massage

Private Sessions

The number of sessions you require really depends on the issues you bring to the therapy room. Stopping smoking is usually a one session approach whereas lifelong issues can take a number of sessions. Depending on your needs sessions can be every week, two weeks, month etc.

At the first appointment we will discuss how many sessions you are likely to need to see improvements. This will also depend on how much progress you are making, and time available because of other commitments.

The first session is really about information gathering and clarifying goals i.e. What do you want from this and future sessions? It's about getting to know each other and clear up any misconceptions regarding Hypnotherapy.

As you are not a passive participant in Hypnotherapy we work together in collaboration to help you reach your goals. Your intention to make progress is vital to our success. There are no magic pills in Hypnotherapy.

There will also be some Hypnotherapy to prepare you for the following session. This may involve learning Self Hypnosis so you can begin to have greater involvement in the therapeutic process. Each session builds upon the previous one.






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