Edinburgh Hypnotherapy & Massage

Sports Massage

Many people who come for sports massage do not play sports, do not use gyms, and are not especially active. What they are looking for is a thorough firm to deep pressure massage to free off excessive muscular tightness and extend their range of flexibility.

They can have a general soothing massage where the person is looking for deep relaxation, or it can be more specific where the person may be looking for massage to loosen off certain areas of their body perhaps to free restricted neck movements or release pain and restriction in the lower back, or tightness in the pelvis or legs, making a difference to how they feel after the massage session is over.

They may feel beneficial results for days of even weeks after.

Active sports people come to sports massage for various reasons. In pre event work the therapist works to maintain the sportsperson's muscles in excellent condition so they can perform at a high level of muscular effort and activity with the main aim of injury prevention.

By minimising muscular damage, breaking down scar tissue, and freeing up adhesions, the sports person will have more confidence in their body maintaining peak performance during an event.

In post event work the sports person is looking for a massage that encourages deep rest and muscular healing to allow them to return to training as soon as possible. This massage would be more of a restful therapeutic massage.




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