Edinburgh Hypnotherapy & Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Stress caused by conflicts and tensions, tightens muscles preventing optimum function. As the body becomes out of balance it works harder to maintain its efficiency. It becomes overloaded, fatigued and sore. Continuous stress affects digestion, breathing and how we move. We suffer in our work, relationships and other areas of our lives. Coping becomes more difficult.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage improves the functions of the muscular, circulatory and eliminatory systems of the body; tense muscle relax, stiffness and soreness will be soothed away and joints loosen, giving more mobility.

The circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluid is stimulated, allowing the expulsion of toxins from muscles and internal organs clogged by the effects of tension.

Regular massage is more than just a luxury. It can improve your health.

Massage works by counteracting stress, it allows deep relaxation and revitalisation, creating an internal environment for the body's own energies to heal itself, and as massage works on cellular and organ function it actively strengthens the body.

As the body begins to change and chronic tensions ease, the feelings of fear, depression, irritability or anxiety, which often accompany tension can gradually be dispelled. As people become more at ease with themselves, they can begin to enjoy better quality of life.


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